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A love shared only between brothers...
[and insanely hot actors who play brothers in popular movies]
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29th-May-2012 10:47 pm(no subject)
txz → my knee
Title: Jealousy
Pairing: Peter/Susan
Rating: PG
Summary: Another loosely connected one-shot added to a series called Cry Little Sister. Peter deals with his own jealousies as another man flirts with Susan.

Read Here.
29th-Dec-2011 04:01 pm - Fanfiction ; Secrets
sxp → close

Title: Secrets.
Pairing: Peter Pevensie/Susan Pevensie
Rating: PG
Summary: Peter wants to tell his siblings about he and Susan, but she's too afraid. For the prompt "Secrets" in my Peter/Susan Fanfic 100 challenge.
Warnings: Some light swearing. And... incest hints.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anyone.
Word Count: 674

( I'll keep you my dirty little secret. )

27th-Nov-2011 07:07 pm(no subject)
txz → my knee
Title: Facade
Pairing: Peter Pevensie/Susan Pevensie; but it's an Edmund and Pete convo.
Rating: PG
“Shy?” Edmund laughed, shaking his head. “I don’t know how she could be shy about meeting us after putting up with you for however long she had been. You’re the worst of the lot of us.” He ignored his brother’s glaring, leaning his chin in his hand. “So, other than shy, what’s she like? What’s her name? Why don’t you just ... you know, trick her into it?”

Warnings: Uh. . . None, really. Kind of depressing.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anyone.
Word Count: 860

( Is this home?</s> )
25th-Nov-2011 09:30 am(no subject)
sxp → close
Title: Dreams
Pairing: Peter Pevensie/Susan Pevensie
Rating: PG
Summary: In dreams, she was allowed to look at him with adoration in her eyes. She was allowed to hang on his every word without worry that he would cockily tell her how easy it was to get her attention. She was able to spend hours with him, basking in the sun, laying in the fields of Narnia away from prying eyes.
Warnings: Uh. . . None, really. Kind of depressing.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anyone.
Word Count: 670

( Dream a little dream of me. )
Audiofic Volunteer
Title: The Back of the Subway
Author: musicl0ver08
Reader: sly_hostetter
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia RPF
Rating: G
Pairing: William Moseley/Skander Keynes
Summary: none
Length: 0:02:55 (2.67 MB / mp3)

5th-Feb-2011 01:45 am - Peter_Edmund, a New Community!
stock; freedom
Hey all Peter/Edmund fans!  I have created a new P/E community for everyone's enjoyment.  If you want to help jump start the hopefully long lasting community, come over and post! 

26th-Jan-2011 07:22 pm - Search for Inspiration!
stock; freedom
(I wasn't exactly sure how to tag this, so sorry if I caused any inconvenience.) 

I really want to write, but am lacking inspiration.  So if someone could please comment with a song title and band I will gladly write a one-shot/drabble for Peter/Edmund inspired by that song. 

Also posted over on edmund_caspian where I offer to do the same thing, only with Caspian/Edmund. 
3rd-Dec-2010 05:59 pm(no subject)
sxp → close
Title: Memory
Pairing: Peter Pevensie/Susan Pevensie
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Peter reflects on memories with Susan during the turning point of their relationship. For the prompt "Memory" in my Peter/Susan Fanfic 100 challenge.
Warnings: Cursing, lots... of sex... Incest. Angst :(
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, per usual.
Word Count: 2,168

( Every cherished memory he’d had with her seemed to flash through his mind. )
13th-Jul-2010 06:05 am - A shuffle for two hot boys
DM - klose
Title: A shuffle for two hot boys
Author: Gard (scorpia_strikes)
Category: Slash
Genres: Angst, PWP/lemon, Drabble
Pairing: Edmund/Peter, Skandar/William
Word Count: 2121
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The standard thing, put your iPod on shuffle and write something out of the first ten songs. Each one is individual and each one can and should be read alone, but feel free to see a connection where it's possible.
Authors Notes: My first post here! Fun, fun. This is mostly done out of boredom and for my own sake, to get me out of the block I have at the moment. I felt like sharing. This is not betaed in any way and I wrote it in a rush, so mistakes may contain and you're most welcome to correct me. I've also added translations for those who aren't that familiar with the German and the Norwegian languages. The cuts lead to my journal.

Tomorrow comes today

Du hast

This land is mine

Das alte Leid


Aldri solgt en løgn

End of all hope

Heaven on earth

Küss mich

28th-Jun-2010 08:53 pm - Fanfic: Not Alone [Peter/Edmund] [G]
Audiofic Volunteer
Title: Not Alone
Author: sly_hostetter
Disclaimer: Fanfiction = not mine
Character/Pairing: Peter Pevensie/Edmund Pevensie
Rating: G
Warning: Un-betaed
Word Count: 747 words
Summary: Peter can't stand the thought of leaving Narnia, of being alone in England.

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Hey ya'll, this is my first post to the community, though I've long been a lurker here. Hope you like my contribution.

Step into the wardrobe, if you would
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